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Timo Bolte
Timo Bolte uses flowers to transform mood and create ambience. With big budgets to spend on flowers, he creates installations that rival any museum exhibition. Known as the event florist for a reason: stubborn and determined, he is unwilling to compromise when it comes to artistic integrity. Travelling all over the globe to design the most lavish events. He has garnered worldwide acclaim for his artistic displays and collaborations with top design houses like Fendi and Chanel. Bold yet simple, with a unique twist on shape and colour, his floral creations have won the hearts of guests, celebrities, critics and even royalty, and put him on the map as an international tastemaker.

Since he became a florist he had been a fan of hotel design and the flowers that accompany them. Living in Vienna he experiences extraordinary times since the first day of opening the luxury 5* hotel Ritz Carlton. He was the artistic director for more than 4 years. He leaded the new norm, sleek design, the best materials and impeccable floral service. A hotel lobby is a space of imagination and theatre and somewhere he can go to experience life from a very different perspective.

Timo is known for his flower arrangements that are truly works of art, and he has worked for some of the biggest celebrities. We caught up exclusively with Timo as he opened up about working with Nicole Kidman, Robbie Williams, Elton John, Tom Cruise and more. But there are also Russian oligarchs and Arabian princesses to name. His weddings and events are also held in Morocco, India and China, to name some out of Europe.

Timo Bolte is working all over the world. As he was living in Tokyo, he has a close connection to Asian countries. Most often he is working in Taiwan, Chína, Korea, Japan- or his resident job education classes in Mexico and Beijing, where he is trying to build up an floristry schooling system. Seminars all over Europe and Russia belong to his daily business.
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